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Frequently Asked Questions:
What If My Landlord Won't Make Necessary Repairs?

What If My Landlord Won't Return My Security Deposit?

Some organizations that may be helpful:
FEMA - 1-800-621-3362
Texas Consumer Complaint Center - 1-877-839-8422
Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline - 1-800-733-8394
Lone Star Legal Aid - 713-652-0077
Texas Tenant Advisor
City of Houston Service Center - 3-1-1
Greater Houston Fair Housing Center - 713-641-3247
Dispute Resolution Center - 713-755-8274
Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program - 713-228-0735
Austin Tenants' Council - 512-474-1961
Houston Lawyer Referral Service - 713-237-9429
Attorney General of Texas - 713-223-5886
Better Business Bureau
Houston Apartment Association - 713-595-0300, Option 4
United Way Helpline - 2-1-1
Catholic Charities - 713-526-4611
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Eviction Information
(link to the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts' website)

Small Claims Court Information

Texas Property Code

Archived News

(Click on the appropriate link below and print a copy for your landlord)

1. Freedom From Wrongful Eviction or Lockout

TX Prop.Code 24.001-11
TX Prop.Code 92.0081-9

2. Freedom From Wrongful Disconnection of Utilities
TX Prop.Code 92.008,91

3. Freedom From Wrongful Seizure of Property
TX Prop.Code 54.041-48

4. Right to Repairs
TX Prop.Code 92.051-61

5. Right to Working Security Devices and Smoke Detectors
TX Prop.Code 92.151-70
TX Prop.Code 92.251-62

6. Right to Disclosure of Owner and Management
TX Prop.Code 92.201-8

7. Right to Escape Family Violence/Sex Offenses
TX Prop.Code 92.015
TX Prop.Code 92.016
TX Prop.Code 92.0161

8. Right to Vacate for Military Service
TX Prop.Code 92.017

9. Right to Refund of Security Deposit or Application Deposit
TX Prop.Code 92.101-9
TX Prop.Code 92.351-4

10. Freedom From Retaliation
TX Prop.Code 92.331-5